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Hi! Let me invite you to PayBux. It’s a FREE celfon app for mobile shopping. No Selling. Just continue buying your daily needs & “Earn from Everything You Buy!” Moreover, you get upto 100% rebates from your friends’ purchases as well. Joining is FREE!

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What if there is a Rewards Program in the Philippines that can be accepted across dozens of merchants to buy fuel, food, medicines, groceries, coffee, hotel stays and prepaid load? And all accummulated points can either be: 1) Spent on participating merchants or 2) transfer to another member within the system. And what if such program will allow you and your friends to join for free? Then if you tell your friends and they sign up under your link, you earn additional rebates through their purchases.

The system can afford to have people join for free because the participating merchants will pay a small percentage of the sale each time members of Paybux makes a purchase. Instead of having a millions of pesos in marketing budget for radio, print and TV ads, they would rather reward the members directly through system in the form of rebates. Therefore, income of members are driven by the merchants and sales produced. Imagine if 1 million more people will buy fuel from Petron everyday just because they want to earn rebates. Isn't this amazing? Would you be interested if there is such as program?

Introducing, Paybux. This is a universal rewards program and cooperative rewards platform for the Philippines. Brought to you by the same person who invented the Load to All Networks technology, Vmobile.

PayBux App is more than just a social networking site, it is a rewards App and platform for individual and community purchases. A revolutionary consumer rewards program or Cooperative Buying Programs like SM Advantage, Groupon, Ensogo, Metro Deal and other companies that gives discounts, cashback, rebate and reward.

PayBux App dubbed as SOCIALIZED REWARDS SYSTEM (SRS) where consumers benefits from unparalleled rebate or payback which equivalent from 10% up to 100% of their purchases. Unlike other loyalty program that rebates up to 0.5% only, this unique consumer empowerment program offers the benefits without the need to engage in referral activities. PayBux App will be available in Google Play and Apple's App Store. Launched last March 29, 2014 at SMX MOA in Manila. Join today and be one of the pioneers. Joining is FREE and it will only cost you 2 minutes of your time.

Participating Merchants

Mobile Phone Load


Paybux - Petron Value Card

How to Join Paybux & Create a Microsite



Features Builder
Membership Cost Free (P0.00) - Register Here
Mobile App (Electronic Card) Free from Google Play. (iOS and Microsoft app versions coming soon)
Paybux Smart Card (Physical Card) P300 (one-time)
Mobile App Features Standard
Earn Rebates From Own Purchases Yes
Earn Rebates From Others Yes, Direct Referrals only
Maximum Rebate Per Transaction up to 3 Hexcells or P90
Redemption of Points Spend on participating merchants or transfer to another Paybux account

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PauBux is a revolutionary platform and app that rewards users with rebates from their regular, every day purchases. In line with our vision of creating cutting-edge technology aimed at enhancing the lives of our customers, PayBux is posed to become an indispensable tool, providing people with a smarter way to shop! Imagine if your ordinary shopping routines can become a rewarding journey - one wherein you can earn & save from your usual daily expenses, the quintessential feature that defines PayBux!

We offer you generous purchases of everyday items especially on food, medicine, clothes, and fuel. With the rising cost of living and the efforts required to raise a family, PayBux is the easy solution to help convert your daily expenses into daily gains. We believe that people deserve to experience the best that life can offer, while acting generously in turn.

PayBux is about community. When you partner with us, you are introduced to a loyal group of savvy-shoppers, who enjoy the privilege of earning every time they spend. And as more people become PayBux users, we ensure that the rewards are beneficial for both our community and merchant partners. As pioneers, we hope to deliver both practicality and start a trend that crosses borders and unites us all to appreciate that with PayBux, Life is Rewarding.
* Petron
* Smart Communications, Inc..

* Globe Telecommunications Inc.
* HappyPlus (Jollibee, Chowking, Greenwich, Red Ribbon)
* South Star Drug
* Andok's
* Yoshinoya
* Figaro
* Lay-Bare
* Resort's World
* Robinson's Movie World
EVERYONE who buys their daily needs can benefit from this app.
No. You may earn rebates from everything you buy for FREE as long as you have an android or IOS phone. However, there are higher rebate rates and a very good incentive program if you'll refer friends under the paid version.
Everything you buy like food, medicines, cellphone load, gasoline, clothes, movies, coffee, etc.
Mobility is everywhere resulting in the decline of Fixed Line (Landline). Mass digitization resulting in huge data services demand. 30% of service revenues for operators around the world come from data usage and it will continue to increase. We are undeniably living in a Post-PC world. The market for PC is drastically shrinking and SmartPhones are becoming very affordable. Filipino brands such as Cherry Mobile and MyPhone are offering more and more affordable android phones. App is where everyone is going. Nearly half of the world's population is under the age of 25. This generation astoundingly leads the digital consumerism age. Mobile Money Market is worth $280 Billion by 2018. We are trying to look steps beyond on how the market will look like in the future. This app is the future of marketing.
Download the App for FREE. Use the App to establish connections and COMMUNICATE to friends (call, chat, send message or tag friends in a post). Voice Call is unlimited and can be international. Use the App to SHOP. BUY prepaid top-up products for example. Wait for the PAYBACK REWARDS equivalent to 20%-100% of your purchases. That sounds like a great idea! I want more! What are the steps I need to make? Buy the full-feature App. Use the App to build connections and communicate. ENDORSE the App to your friends to create INCOME streams from product purchases, subscriptions to services and advertisements. Shop using the App and enjoy PAYBACK REWARDS of up to 100% of shopping expenses. Enjoy INCENTIVIZED LIFESTYLE. How much would the App cost? Note that the application is FREE. As a free user you will be tagged as a BUILDER. However, if you want more, you may want to upgrade to MENTOR which costs Php 999.00 or ICON which costs Php 10,000.00.
The MENTOR upgrade will entitle you to a FREE 300 Bux while the ICON upgrade will entitle you to a FREE 1000 Bux. Bux is the currency used in the application which is roughly equivalent to 1 peso. As an ICON, you will also have Merchant Promo Vouchers, 6 Royalty Upgrade cards, and a PayBux Card that you can use even if you are offline. The main difference between the two is the EARNING POTENTIAL. We suggest that you attend one of our business presentations first before purchasing the upgrade. We want you to have INFORMED CHOICES. Php 999.00 and Php10,000.00 is not a small money so we want to explain it in person first. You may scroll down and fill up the registration form at the bottom of this page.
TBy the end of the year, telco discount on all prepaid products is expected to be at the lowest of 5%. The retailers of load will consequently respond by ADDING more cost. For example, they will sell P30 worth of load for P31-P33. In the end, consumers will be the one who will carry the burden. Somehow, it is nice that there are many companies today offering 'loading business' to help consumers save from their usual expenses. But what if you can get 50% 'cash back or payback' from load expenses? Its better right? And what's better is that you don't need to pay for any 'joining fee', 'franchise fee', 'membership fee' or any fee to enjoy this great service.
You can get rebates upto 100%! Here is a PayBux User Scenario: Your monthly FUEL consumption is P4,000. You were able to link 3 friends to use PayBux for their Fuel budget of the same amount. Everyone wants the same rewards so everybody is getting 3 motorist friends averaging P4K fuel expenses each month. When this action (a person linking 3 friends) is multiplied 10x, your PayBux rewards will grow from P1,400 to P300K monthly. And that is just one of the 14 ways you are rewarded by !ngenious.
You are starving and you want to grab a burger meal. So you asked your officemates to take the break with you. Incidentally, all of them became PayBux users because you linked them up. The burger meal costs P80 and it is going to be your 4th visit on the same month. So you try to figure out the PayBux rewards you can get just because you simply want your burger meal. You figured out that if your 3 friends spends an average of P320 every month on a burger meal and they will in turn link up 3 friends who love the same meal, you would end up earning !ngenious rewards anywhere from P2,000 to P150K every month. Then just before you take that bite you smiled and thought, what a difference it makes to be part of a community of winners that can turn ordinary things into extra-ordinary celebrations.
Soon we will expand in USA and Canada, Vietnam, Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Indonesia, South Korea and Japan.

It is actually very easy to expand abroad since the app can easily be downloaded anywhere in the world with internet connection. We just have to partner up with merchants abroad. This means that you can ask your family members, relative or friends overseas to join you! In due time, with this great product, EVERYONE in the world will be using PayBux!
PayBux gets money from every transaction you make. Rebates given are not from the sole buyer only. Purchase transactions from other PayBux users help other users to get their rebates. Unlike the traditional rewards system where rewards are based SOLELY on the user's purchases, the PayBux-Hexcell uses an algorithm to get GROUP REWARDS. This means that if you are buying using the PayBux system, you are helping other users get rewards too. You don't need to know these other people because the SOCIAL REWARDS SYSTEM or COOPERATIVE GROUP REWARDS system of the HexCell will do this for you.
Please watch the video below -

Then proceed to the Registration Form. Make sure you complete Steps 1 & 2 so you can also have your own microsite for FREE and start building your team.
STEP 1: First Register your Petron Value Card through SMS!

1) Purchase Petron Value Card (Privilege) in the nearest Petron Gas Station or from the Ingenious Office at Php 199.
2) Register you card thru SMS by following this format:

Type: REG16-digit PVC#FirstName/MI/LastNameBday(MM/DD/YYYY)

Ex: REG 7828XXXXXXXXXXXX John/S/Cruz 8/15/1984

3) Send to 0917-567-1111. Standard Rates Apply.
4) A registration confirmation SMS from Petron should be expected.

Now that you are done with registering your Petron Value Card with Petron, you may now sync your PVC with your PayBux account.

STEP 2: Syncing Your PVC To Your PB Account:

1) Log in to your account
2) Go to the Main Menu and click the “Profile” button.
3) Next select the “Account” button
4) On the first drop down menu, select Petron Value Card.
5) On the next field, carefully key in your 16 digit Petron Value Card number and then press “Update” to permenantly sync PVC to PB account.

PayBux users will be allowed to sync 5 Petron Value Card numbers to their PayBux account number.

How to load my PVC card with Bux?

Here’s how you can transfer bux to from your PayBux account to your Petron Value Card:

1) From your main menu, press the “Shop” Button.
2) Select the “Petron” button and on the first field, key in the amount you want to put in to your PVC card.
3) On the succeeding drop down menu, check that value is sent to the the correct 16-digit PVC account and press “Buy”.
4) A second window appears requesting for your 6 digit PIN. Press submit.
5) If transaction is successful the message “top up successful” will appear in a matter of seconds!

How do I use my PVC card?

There are actually 2,000 Stations but only 1,100 are accepting Petron Value Card (PVC). It would be best to use the Petron Value Card mobile app to find the nearest Petron Station that accepts PVC..

Just present your PVC card to any participating Petron branch, and gas up using the bux you have loaded into your PVC card.
Q: How can I reload my HPC?
- From the App, just go to SHOP then select HAPPYPLUS.
- A pop-up will appear informing you that you will be able to use the points that you will be loading the next day yet.
- Once you click on proceed, you may then select/input the HPC number that you wish to load.
- Choose whether you want Turbo or Hexcell, then click buy.

Q: When will I be able to use the points after I reload?
- The bux that you load into your HPC will be reflected the next day if you have loaded it past 9:00am.
- The HPC balance updates everyday at around 11:00am

Q: Once the points are reflected in my HPC, how do I use it when purchasing?
- When purchasing, you need to advise the clerk that you will "FETCH" points using HP Transfer.
- Once the transfer is complete you may now use the card for purchase.

Q: How much points do I earn if I use HPC with PayBux?
- You earn a total of 3 bux/points for every P100 purchase you make.

Q: Why does it only show 1Bux for every 100 when I select Turbo?
- The other 2 points will come from Jollibee upon purchase. Giving you a total of three points per P100 purchase.
2F #670 Sgt. Bumatay Street, Mandaluyong City, Metro Manila, Philippines

Telephone: +632 5359490 • +632 531-1881
Office Hours: Weekdays: 10:00 AM - 7:00 PM

Unit 1403 Galleria Corporate Center, Edsa cor. Ortigas Avenue, Bgy. Ugong Norte, Quezon City, Philippines

Office Hours
Weekdays: 10:00 AM - 7:00 PM
Saturday: 3:00 PM - 7:00 PM

Unit 215 Century Plaza Hotel Complex
Juana Osmeña St, Cebu City, Philippines
(back of National Bookstore - Mango Ave)
Mobile #: +63 933.2040211

Office Hours: Monday-Saturday 9:00 AM - 7:00 PM
Consumer Empowerment Orientation:
Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday @ 6:00PM

1520 JR Bldg, Unit 308
Quezon Ave, Quezon City, Philippines
(beside Kenny Rogers)
Mobile #: +63 920.2270717

Consumer Empowerment Orientation:
Tuesdays & Thursdays 4:00PM & 6:00 PM ( 2 sessions)
Payment OPTION 1 **** (sure, fast and effortless)

BDO Online Transfer
Make sure you have enrolled Ingenious Acct in your BDO online. To do that,
1. Login to your BDO account
2. Click Enrollment Services, Other Person's Account, Enroll
Account No: 004590175463
Preferred Nickname: Ingenious Mobile Business
E-mail Address:

3. Click Submit and take note of the code
4. Goto any BDO ATM and input the code
5. To request for BUX Load simply transfer the amount to Ingenious Paybux and put the following info under Remarks:
//Pay It Forward Family/Bux Load//

No need to send email. Just wait for your bux to be reflected in your account.

Payment OPTION 2 ****

Make deposit to: Ingenious Mobile Business Inc.
Unionbank (UBP) Checking Account No. 00-171-000-109-7
UCPB Checking Account No. 201-66000-2527
BDO Savings Account No. 0045-9017-5463
BPI Checking Account No. 3521107242


1. Click here:
2. Fill-up the form correctly
3. Take a picture of your deposit slip and Upload it
4. Click Submit

Bux Crediting Schedule: 2 cut-off's per day
1st: 9am - 12nn deposits = 2pm - 4pm crediting period
2nd: 12:01pm - 3-4pm deposits = 6:00pm - 8:00pm crediting

Deposits made after 4pm shall be credited between 10am - 12nn of the next day.
Official Business Operation hours is from 10am to 8pm.


Payment OPTION 3 *****

!ngenious Office
670 Sgt. Bumatay St., Mandaluyong City

Fill-up the form with the following info:
* Depositor's full name (name of subscriber whose bux shall be credited to)
* Depositor's username (username of subscriber whose bux shall be credited to)
* Primary Team name: Pay It Forward Family
* Type of Payment - Bux Load or Subscription Payment
* Depositor's e-mail address and mobile no. (for verification/validation purposes)
* Then e-mail to

Bux Crediting Schedule: 3 cut-off's per day
1st: 10am - 12nn deposits = 1pm - 2pm crediting period
2nd: 12:01pm - 3pm deposits = 3:30pm - 4:30pm crediting
3rd: 3:01pm - 6pm deposits = 6:30pm - 7:30pm crediting

Please transact only with our official cashiers:
Malu Antido and Julie Ann Basbas

Official Business Operations hours is from 10am to 8pm.
Tel: (+63.2) 535.9490
Customer E-mail Support:
Customer Chat Support:

OPTION 4: Member-to-Member Transfer

Member to member transfer is when a PayBux user transfers Bux from his/her account to a fellow PayBux member. Transfer can be done any time of day as long as Member has sufficient Bux. There is no minimum in converting Bux. Transfer can be made online or through the app.

(These instructions are given based on the assumption that user has Bux in his/her account.)

1) For a member to transfer Bux from his/her account to another member online, member must log-in, and press the “Wallet” button. Member will see Bux currently available in his/her account under Bux Balance on the top part of the screen.

2) Under “Transfer to” field member transferring can put receiver’s username or email. Make sure to type correct information here. To help verify if receiver is correct, name and picture of receiver will replace PayBux image on the right hand side.

3) On the next field, member can type amount of Bux he/her wants to send to receiver then press “Send Bux”. Receiver should receive Bux in a matter of seconds.
To reset your password you must go to PayBux website ( and complete the following: (This is not available on the app version.)

1. Click on the FORGOT PASSWORD link right below the log in fields on the top right hand corner of your screen.
2. Provide your registered email address and press “submit”
3. Log on to your registered email address and click on the password retrieval link.
4. Upon clicking on this link, a new password will be sent to the same email address for confirmation.
5. Go back to your email inbox to retrieve the new password.
6. Use the temporary password to log in into your account.
7. When logged in, you may change your password through the settings Button.

Resetting my password through the mobile app?

1. Log into your PayBux account and click on the “setting” button.
2. Click on the “Password” button.
3. Complete the 3 fields by typing in your “Current Password”, your “New Password”, and then confirming your new password.
4. Press Update
5. You may now log into your account with your new password.
To reset your PIN you must go to PayBux website ( and complete the following:

1.. Log in to your PayBux account via your preferred web browser.
2.. Click on the “Settings” button.
3. Next click on the “Change Pin” button.
4. You will be asked to key in your Password to authenticate the request, your new 6-digit PIN, and reconfirm your new 6-digit PIN, before you click “Save” to complete the request.
5. You may now transact using your new PIN.

How Do I Reset my PIN through the mobile app?

1.. Log in to your PayBux acount
2.. Click on the “Settings” button.
3. Next click on the “PIN” button.
4. You will be asked to key in your Password to authenticate the request, your new 6-digit PIN, and reconfirm your new 6-digit PIN, before you click “Update” to complete the request.
5. You may now transact using your new PIN.
Click this link and fill-up the form:
Click this link and fill-up the form:

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